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일렉트로룩스 청담 플래그십

A place for a healthier life and a sustainable tomorrow
Electrolux Cheongdam flagship

Electrolux Cheongdam flagship
is a premium store where you can directly experience the brand value of a sustainable life
and it is designed with the concept of a relaxed Swedish house in the center of Seoul.

Classic & Premium Kitchen

Classic & Premium Kitchen

Introducing the kitchen room of the Swedish lifestyle that pursues a sustainable life.

Using eco-friendly materials such as cork, stone, and wood in a warm and nature-friendly atmosphere

you can meet Electrolux's premium induction appliances, dishwashers, and ovens.

Classic & Dining Room

Cooking & Dining Room

Experience the Swedish life in the Cooking & Dining Room.

The Cooking & Dining Room is designed so that you can directly experience kitchen appliances such as Electrolux Premium Induction, Oven, and Dishwasher

and cooking classes and programs are held in here.

Classic & Premium Living Room

Classic & Premium Living Room

Welcome to the Swedish House in the center of the city.

Now you can meet Electrolux products in a comfortable and homely atmosphere.

In particular, high-quality of consultation is available with the special experts who can meet only in the flagship store.

History Wall

History Wall

Experience the heritage of Electrolux.

From the world's first vacuum cleaner to vintage picture frames, the collection shares the brand's values ​​and tastes.


Electrolux Cheongdam Flagship Swedish House
1-2F, 432 Apgujeong-ro, Gangnam-gu, Seoul
TEL. 02-3446-1238

일렉트로룩스 청담 플래그십 스웨디시 하우스
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