Cordless tea kettle

  • The power goes off in the middle of cleaning.
    If the power goes off in the middle of cleaning, this may be due to the sensor that works to prevent the motor from over-heating. In this case, disconnect the power cord and ventilate for about two hours. This would be enough to restore the normal operations. The heat of the motor that rotates at a high speed with the force of the air sucked in should be used to cool down the motor, but if the dust canister, HEPA filter or the suction vent line (e.g. corded hoses or the main brush at the handle of the hose) is blocked, the suction power is weakened and the amount of air sucked in is also relatively small, making it difficult to cool the motor down.

Blender/ mixer

  • How do I clean and maintain the product?
    Clean the blender/mixer immediately after use to prevent cracks in the jug. Immediate cleaning can prevent damage caused to the plastic by acids or oils in the food ingredients. The jug can be washed using detergent, or placed in a dishwasher. If you have blended highly acidic ingredients (e.g. lime or lemon), do not keep the food (e.g. soup, smoothie or juice) in the container for long. Even if a crack develops, it does not affect the function of the blender/mixer, but only the aesthetics. The blades and accessories are extremely sharp. Take caution when replacing, cleaning or arranging them after use. Refer to the following guide on how to clean the blender/mixer. ※ For more details, contact the customer center (1566-1238).
    1 How to use the jug (blender)
    Attach the blender blade to the main body of the blender.
    (Press the plastic part downwards until you hear a clicking sound.)
    Then, screw tight the jug (blender) until it is fixed. Place the assembled jug on the blender main body and turn it clockwise until you hear a clicking sound. Once the jug is fixed, the markings under the left side of the jug’s handle and the markings on the main body become aligned.
    ※Caution! Always attach a sealing ring around the blender blades before use.
    2. How to use the multi-purpose chopper container & take-out bottle
    Place the multi-purpose chopper container so that the blades are facing downwards. Turn the main body of the blade on the multi-purpose chopper counter-clockwise to detach the blade and main body from the container. Fill the multi-purpose chopper container and take-out bottle with the ingredients of your choice. Do not fill more than 50%. Place the multi-purpose chopper blades and the main body on the container and turn clockwise to fix them. After placing the multi-purpose chopper so that the blade is facing upwards, turn clockwise to fix the blade onto the main body of the blender.
    Note: When locked, the symbol (^) on the multi-purpose chopper container must be aligned vertically.
    ※Caution! The blades are extremely sharp!
    3. Cleaning and maintenance
  • It suddenly stopped working. Are there any precautions I need to take when I use the product?
    Electrolux mixers have a sensor to prevent over-heating of the motor. If the mixer is used for an extended time, it may stop or cause a breakdown. If the motor has over-heated due to use over an extended time, cool it down for five minutes or longer and resume operations. Refer to the following precautions.
    ※For more details, contact the customer center (1566-1238).
    - Do not overfill the container above the maximum level marked.
    - When cooking with a large quantity of ingredients, do not use the mixer/blender for 30 consecutive seconds or more.
    -Do not use the device for 60 consecutive seconds or more. Cool it down before resuming operations.
    - Do not use the product for liquids that are too hot (maximum temperature should be 90 degrees Celsius.).
    -This device cannot be used to mix or crush solid ingredients except for ice.
    -This mixer/blender is for home use only. Electrolux does not take liability for any damage that may occur due to improper or inappropriate use of the product.
    -The device is automatically turned off if it is not used for three minutes or longer with the power on. (*This feature may vary slightly across different models.)
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