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  • [Common] The dishes are not clean even after running them in the dish washer. (Check the type of dishes)
    First check the following. For details, contact the customer center (1566-1238).
    ▶ Check whether the filter assembly is defective or the filter and rotating blades need cleaning.
    (1) If the filter is not properly combined and is lifted or misaligned.
    (2) If there is a lot of food remnants accumulated due to the filter not having been cleaned for a while.
    (3) The contaminants are not filtered but circulated with the water and re-attached to the plates, blocking the opening of the nozzle.
    ※ See the maintenance manual for the filter, rotating blade and cleaning of the exterior and interior.
    ▶ Check that the plates and dishes are loaded properly.
    (1) If the plates are overlapping one another or overcrowded, they may not be cleaned properly and even get damaged.
    (2) Place thin items such as chopsticks in a designated area so that they do not fall through the basket.
    (3) When putting in a large plate, check that it doesn’t obstruct the nozzle of the upper basket.
    (4) Check that the plates and dishes can be washed in a dishwasher. If not, it may lead to defective cleaning, defective drying, disfiguration of the dishes or discoloration.
    ※ Before starting a program, make sure the rotating blades rotate properly.
    ▶ Check that the quantity and type of detergent are correct.
    (1) Place an appropriate amount of detergent based on the recommended quantity by the detergent manufacturer into the detergent input area. If there is too much or too little detergent, too many bubbles may be generated or the detergent may be left on the washed dishes.
    (2) The cleaning function may vary depending on the type of detergent used. Some detergents will generate bubbles during cleaning. For liquid detergents, a lot of bubbles are generated, leading to leakages or undermined cleaning function. Check the consumer review of the products before purchasing.
    (3) If bubbles have been generated, reduce the amount of detergent and add the Hygiene function and XtraDry function to reduce the bubbles. The Hygiene function is offered on only ESF5512LOX and ESF8730ROX models.)
    (4) Each detergent has a unique scent. Some may leave behind a stale and salty scent of water.
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