• Can I wash the filter in water?
    The filter of the Electrolux PURE A9 air purifier cannot be washed in water. If the filter becomes obsolete or damaged, it must be replaced with a new one. Filters damaged by a sharp object or exposure to water being sucked in are not covered by the warranty. Replacement filters must be the official filters for Electrolux PURE A9. Damage caused by the use of unauthorized filters is not covered by the warranty. For purchases of filters or inquiries, contact the customer center (1566-1238).
  • How frequently should I replace the filter? How much does it cost?
    The Electrolux PURE A9 air purifier has an indicator letting you know the filter needs to be replaced. If the lamp lights up, we recommend that you replace the filter. Purchase a filter and remove the plastic packaging before installing. After replacing the filter, the lamp will automatically be turned off. Contact the customer center (1566-1238) for purchases of filters. Two types of Deep HEPA 13 filters are used on Electrolux PURE A9. Check your model before purchasing a filter to get the correct one.
    1) Air purifiers for a space of 40㎡ or 16 pyeong. Models PA91-406GY, PA91-406DG. Price of filter: 99,000 Won.
    Air purifiers for a space of 60㎡ or 22 pyeong. Models PA91-606GY, PA91-606DG Price of filter: 119,000 Won.
    The average frequency of filter replacement for an air purifier, assuming it is run 24 hours a day, is six months to a year. (The exact frequency may vary depending on the usage environment, area of the space and how polluted the air is.)
    It is recommended to replace the filter if the lamp calling for a filter replacement turns on, to maintain optimal function of the filter. The filter used in PURE A9 cannot be washed in water. Old filters must be replaced with a new one. Always use an authorized, official filter for Electrolux PURE A9. Damage caused by the use of unauthorized filters is not covered by the warranty.
  • How do I connect the air purifier to the app on my mobile phone?
    The Electrolux Air Purifier PURE A9 has a built-in WiFi function, that allows you to connect the purifier to the Internet. Refer to the following instructions to connect with the app. Check that all preparations have been made before starting.
    ※ As of June, 2020, Electrolux has replaced its app for the Pure A9 Air Purifier with the app, “Electrolux Wellbeing”.

    1. Download the app, “Electrolux Wellbeing” onto your mobile phone (by visiting the Google Play Store or iOS App store)
    2. Place the air purifier near the router for the WiFi at home. (It is recommended to stay within 1.5 meters from the router to facilitate the setup.)
    3. Check the WiFi settings on your mobile phone. (The Wifi at home must have a password. You can not use public WiFi with no password.)
    4. If all preparations are made, start the process to set up the app.
    5. Before starting, check the version of the WiFi device (the router) and the software on your mobile phone.
    - IOS 11 or higher; Android 5.0 or higher with Android Bluetooth® technology
    - Wi-Fi bandwidth of 2.4GHz (802.11 B/G/N), Security mode: WPA2-PSK
    ※ It cannot be connected if the bandwidth is set to 5 GHz. For public routers, the setting must be changed to 2.4 GHz or the device (the router) must be changed by requesting the change to the internet service provider. Contact your service provider to receive support regarding router security settings.
  • Even after a long period of using the air purification function, the sensor does not detect any change.
    The sensor is in the center of the back of the Electrolux Air Purifier PURE A9. (See image). If there is foreign material in the sensor or the sensor channel is clogged, the sensor may not work. It is recommended that the sensor window be cleaned about once every two months using the brush for the vacuum cleaner.
    ✔ Check that there is nothing blocking the areas around the sensor.
    ✔ Ventilate the area where the air purifier is being used.
    ✔ Turn off the power and use the cleaner brush to lightly clean the entry point to the sensor.

    ※ When using it for the first time after purchase:
    For optimal function, use the purifier in an enclosed space. If you start the operation in a place where there is much change caused by external air, the sensor may malfunction. (See user manual.)
    ※ If the air purifier has not been in use for a long time:
    Clean the sensor and filter before use. Start running the air purifier in an enclosed space at first, in the same manner as when the product was first purchased.
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