• The product stopped while running. The product doesn’t work.
    1. If the brush roll is blocked.
    Remove the dirt and impurities tied to the brush roll and resume cleaning.
    2. If the product is overheated, turn off the power of the cleaner and check whether the brush, tube, hose or filter is blocked or dirty. Before turning the cleaner back on, charge it for at least two hours. If the product still does not work, contact the official service center of Electrolux.
    3. If the battery is discharged, recharge the cleaner.
  • The suction power is weak or is not working.
    1. If the filter/ nose cone is contaminated or missing.
    - Re-attach the filter after cleaning or washing it. (See Section 7 of the user manual.)
    - Exchange or replace the filter (http://www.electroluxshop.co.kr)
    2. If the air channel/ cyclone is clogged.
    - Disassemble the dust canister and check the air channel and the air vent of the dust canister to see whether there is a foreign object that is caught.
    3. If the floor nozzle is clogged.
    - Disassemble the floor nozzle and check that there is no foreign object caught in the nozzle.
    4. If the hose is clogged
    - Disassemble the floor nozzle and check that there is no foreign object caught in the hose. If there is a foreign object, remove it using a stick. Take precautions when removing the foreign object. Note: Service warranty does not cover hoses that are damaged during cleaning.
  • Can I replace the battery at home? How do I do it?
    This depends on the product model you have purchased and used. (Please check the model.) Usually for types with detachable batteries, you can replace them with a newly purchased battery. For all other chargeable cleaners sold by Electrolux, the battery is built-in and must be replaced at the customer center. Contact the Electrolux customer center (1566-1238) for further guidance. ※Electrolux does not take any liability for issues caused by unauthorized repairs or renovations by an individual or corporation not designated by Electrolux.
    < Products with built-in batteries that can be replaced at home >
    - Well Q6 : WQ61-1EDB, WQ61-1EDBF, WQ61-1OGG, WQ61-1PSH
    - Well Q7 : WQ71-2BSWF, WQ71-2ESSF, WQ71-2OIB, WQ71-2OIBF, WQ71-2PSSF

    - Robot vacuum cleaners : PI91-5SSM , PI91-5SGM, PI92-6STN, PI92-6DGM, PI81-4SWP

    - Some models of Ultra Power: ZB5021, ZB5022
    ※Some products of the 2013 Ultra Power ZB5010, ZB5011 and ZB5012 cannot have their batteries replaced at home due to compatibility issues and must be taken to the service center. Contact the customer center of Electrolux (1566-1238) for further guidance.
  • How frequently does the battery need to be replaced?
    The frequency of battery replacement depends on the user environment, usage frequency and the timing of the replacement. In a regular usage environment (using the product until complete discharge after complete recharge), replacement must be done after 300 times of usage for nickel batteries and 500 times of usage for lithium batteries. While it varies depending on the user environment, this would translate into after one year to two and a half years after usage. Models with detachable batteries can have them replaced by purchasing a new battery, but for models with built-in batteries, contact the designated service center of Electrolux.

    If you experience any of the following, it may indicate that the battery needs to be replaced. Replace the battery or have your product inspected.

    1. The battery has been discharged after a long period of the product not being used.
    2. Charging occurs normally but the product does not work.
    3. Even after full recharge, the battery life is short.
    4. Charging does not happen due to defects in discharge.

    ※Electrolux does not take any liability for issues caused by unauthorized repairs or renovations by an individual or corporation not designated by Electrolux. For purchases or inquiries, contact the Electrolux customer center (1566-1238) or the nearest service center.
  • How to clean the reinforced brush roller and how to use the BRC function (*How to clean the bed pro power nozzle) ?
    If the brush roll for the reinforced brush located at the suction vent is clogged, the cleaner may stop operating or the suction power can be undermined. To facilitate cleaning, use the BRC function regularly to remove foreign materials attached to the roll (1). Detach the brush roll at least once a month and use scissors to remove foreign materials (2) to maintain the powerful cleaning function for a longer period.
  • [Well Q6/Q7] Can the filter be washed with water? How frequently do I have to replace it? What cautions need to be taken when washing with water?
    The dust canister, column-type mesh filter, spiral filter, E10 allergy filter and multi-layer filter of Well Q6/Q7 can all be washed with water. To maintain the function of the product in an optimal state, regular cleaning is recommended.
    (Clean the multi-layer filter at least once a month, the E10 allergy filter at least once every two months. Dry for at least 24 hours after washing and before using the cleaner.) While situations vary depending on the user environment and the user, in general it is recommended to replace it annually.
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