• How long is the product warranty period for free repairs?
    The warranty period is one year from the date of purchase and covers the quality, function, feature and defects of the product. The warranty period for the battery is six months. (This is extended to one year starting for battery models that were newly launched in 2017). However, any repairs needed to address breakdowns due to the fault of the consumer, expendables or a force majeure event will be billed at cost. The warranty period is six months if a product for home use is used for commercial purposes or on a commercial site.
  • Are there specific models for which service personnel come to your home for repairs?
    We have service personnel make home visits only for certain models of vacuum cleaners.
    [Models concerned]
    Ultra One (Z90,Z8841, Z8851, Z8860P, Z8861P, ZUO9924P, ZUO9928P, ZUO9927K)
    Ultra One Mini (ZUOM9911SO, ZUOM9911CB),
    Ultra Silencer (ZUS3970P, ZUS4065AF, ZUS4061EN, ZUSG4061)
    Ultra Flex (ZUF4202OR, ZUF4204REM, ZUF4206DEL, ZUF4206AF, ZUF4306DEL, ZUR4304REM, ZUF4307ACT, ZUF4301OR)
    PURE C9 (PC91-ALRG1, PC91-5STM, PC91-5IBM, PC91-4IG, PC91-4CR, PC91-4MB)
    PURE D9 (PD91-ALRG2, PD91-8SSM, PD91-6ST)
    PURE A9 (PA91-406GY , PA91-606GY , PA91-406DG , PA91-606DG)
    PURE I9 (PI91-5SGM , PI91-5SSM , PI92-6DGM , PI92-6STN , PI81-4SWP)
  • I can’t visit the customer center. Can I send the product via courier to receive repair services?
    Yes. If the repair services are offered at cost and not for free, a one-way shipping fee is charged when the product is shipped to you after the repair, in addition to the repair service fees (consisting of the cost for the parts used and the cost of labor). You can book a courier pick-up service by calling the customer center (1566-1238) or through one-on-one inquiries. When booking through the one-on-one inquiries, have your name, contact information, address, model, serial number and symptoms ready for a quicker service.
  • There is severe odor.
    Odor can be caused by any of the following. If the odor continues even after checking for the following causes, the product should be inspected by an engineer.
    1. The dust envelope of the vacuum cleaner, the motor protection filter or the ventilation filter has not been replaced for a long time or the odor is coming from a foreign substance that has been suctioned into the dust envelope. In such cases, the filter should be replaced.
    2, If the odor has seeped into the interior parts of the product, too, using a scent diffuser may be helpful.
    3. If the product has been exposed for a long time on the balcony during the summer monsoon seasons, open the lid of the vacuum cleaner to ventilate and dry the cleaner. This will remove most of the odor. (The product should be dried in a shade.)

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