• ESI6123
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Powerful 2000 Wattage power


Premium „scratch RESIstance" soleplate with RESILIUMTM coating and 500 steam holes for 130g/min stronger and even steam output.

Automatic Steam Adjustment

Automatic Steam Adjustment no more dripping, just the perfect amount of steam and temperature for every clothes

6 safety features

3safety auto-off, Innovative SafetyLightGuide™, SafetyTouch™ Hot soleplate indicator

Innovative SafetyLightGuide™

Electrolux patent SafetyLight Guide lets you know when your iron is at the best to iron and let warn you the safety ironnning.

SafetyTouch™ Hot soleplate indicator

Innovative indicator help you to have safety ironnning by turning as red when the soleplate is hot (over 40 degree) and should not be touched


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